Surveillance systems, sensors, and cameras for law enforcement and military agencies.
Innovators of the original Groundhog®, the MiniCam™, and the world's smallest video system, the MicroHog™.

IntelliCam Founder, Merritt Keppe Intellicam’s roots date back to the mid-1980s when the industry was originally pioneered and founded. Merritt Keppel, a Virginia native and electronics engineer had spent over ten years developing passive infrared sensors. He combined this experience with surveillance cameras to capture suspected illegal activity occurring in remote areas within the U.S. wilderness. The first camera systems were nicknamed GoundHog systems.

In 2000 Todd Hattabaugh, founder of CamoCam Inc., joined forces with Merritt to provide sales and service to the rapidly growing demand. Todd registered the name GroundHog as a trademark to protect it from unauthorized use. This trademark is now registered to Intellicam LLC.

Todd’s background in electronics spans over two decades, where he has specialized in the development and deployment of unattended video surveillance since the mid 1990’s. Todd’s experience first started when he was contacted by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana, with the request that he assist them in sourcing surveillance equipment that would allow them to video tape criminal activity in remote locations. As a result of this request, Todd founded CamoCam, Inc., the purpose of which was to find unique solutions for unattended outdoor surveillance. Todd was introduced to Merritt Keppel in 2000, and partnered that year to develop and distribute products that would fulfill the unattended video market needs specific to law enforcement agencies.

Todd’s background includes research and development, manufacturing, training, sales and field deployment. He has been an active reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Washington County Sheriff’s Department for over a decade. On many occasions he has deployed cameras in an official capacity resulting in arrests. Todd has deployed cameras in special details for many other law enforcement agencies, including the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, United States Drug Enforcement Agency, Missouri DNR, Illinois and Indiana State Police, Cook County Forest Preserve (Chicago), United States Department of Fish and Wildlife, and numerous others local, state and federal agencies. He has also acted as a consultant and co-authored a park security plan for Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks.

In December of 2010 three successful business entrepreneurs from Virginia purchased the business from Merritt and formed Intellicam. Merritt is now VP of engineering and Todd is our National Sales Manager.

Todd continues to have a role in research and development and is the primary instructor for the products sold by IntelliCam. Todd has developed training programs for unattended video surveillance equipment that have been adopted by local, state and federal agencies in the United States and Canada. Todd has further expanded his responsibilities by establishing distribution in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, and Singapore.
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